Sweet Ciannon-

On August 12th, at sunset, we paddled out into the ocean from the Mauna Lani in Hawaii,  and had a small ceremony for you.   Again, Daddy , me , JT and Gary……..

It was a beautiful night, 80 degrees, warm clear water……and just so nice to paddle, peacefully far out into the sunset.

We all wore leis, and had one for you as well  ( we wore that one too).  Just before sunset…..of course dolphins appeared in the horizon…….and we privately said to you our words of love, hope for you, your safety and  hopes for your future in the spirit world.  I of course told you how much you were missed, that I would be strong  and hope that you will hold me up.

It is tradition in Hawaii to throw leis to honor the deceased…..I have seen people throw leis…but we just threw the flowers and kept the strings because I knew you would not want all those curious turtles getting caught up with the strings.

We love you babe.  I will try to honor you in any way I can.   Be free and happy  xoxox