Ciannons poetry

INNER SOUL   ( 3rd grade)

Anything you do, you get in return.

Be nice, and you will be thanked.

Be mean….you wont be happy.

Look through that person’s eyes, and think before you say anything.

When someone is mean to you…. think before you say a word.

Nothing is more powerful than your soul,

It makes your decisions.

Know your own strength, be warned with the power within you.    by, Ciannon Basher


ODE  TO MY HAIRBAND  ( 4th grade)

O, thou helpful hairband

without thee my hair would be unruly.

I thank thee for being around me every day.

Thou keeps my hair from dreaded knot!

Thou has many different shapes

and patterns, all so beautiful.

Thou keeps me from sweating all over.

Thou stays on my wrist comfortably,

but without slipping off.

Sometimes, thou serves as a bracelet,

Other times as a hair holder.

When sleeping, thou keeps  hair off my face

and as I woke up

it feels good to know

that I wont have a knot.

Though I have many hairbands

I fear one day thou might be lost!

by, Ciannon Basher



I am the stars

Fierce but very quiet.

There are a million of me,

I am fire but I come.

I give peace to the world.

I give night light to all the baby creatures in the world.

I lead ships that are stuck in the land.

I might not talk but i light everything on earth to safety.

Bad guys may not be nice

but everybody has good inside of them.

So light up the good in them.

by, Ciannon Basher   (3rd grade)




Mom,  you are everything to me

I would not be anything without you

Thank you for being my mom

You are a kitten and a heart

Thank you for being you

I love you

You are my life

You are like a beautiful flower

I love you

You are also like a flying bee

with honey

You carry pollen with you

and bring it to me in the honeycomb

See how much i love you

I love you all the way to Sedna and back

You are the best mom everyday of my life

Love, Ciannon    ( young elementary school)

written in 1st grade 2005.

Winter Lights

The lights’ glowing warmth
is so close to my heart
I love the feeling
when I feel the warmth
It makes me feel good
and I love it inside my heart
The glowing lights at night are so nice

by Ciannon Basher