the many times i was told you were an old soul

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Ciannons poetry

INNER SOUL   ( 3rd grade) Anything you do, you get in return. Be nice, and you will be thanked. Be mean….you wont be happy. Look through that person’s eyes, and think before you say anything….

Thank you and hugs to all of you

I have been unable to write on Ciannons wall because this is the most difficult thing I have ever faced.  The grief is so great for me. Ciannon was truly my best friend in life…….way…

UPDATED information for Ciannons ceremony

Due to mother nature and Ciannon’s divine intervention , the  Sunrise Amphitheater may still be closed on Sunday (due to the Boulder Flagstaff fire).  Therefore, we have switched to a NEW tranquil and peaceful setting….

Ciannon’s remembrance service

Please note the service has been moved to a new location. Please see here for full details:   A copy of the original announcement is below for reference.   Drs. Kim and Anthony Basher…