Thank you and hugs to all of you

I have been unable to write on Ciannons wall because this is the most difficult thing I have ever faced.  The grief is so great for me. Ciannon was truly my best friend in life…….way more than just my  only child.

I do know that I have felt such an outpouring of love from each and every one of you that was truly unimaginable to me.   Although my family has now left town I still feel supported by your love, your incredibly kind words and gestures to Tony and I .

I have not been able to thank everyone directly. I am sorry.  I see each and every one of your faces.  Those at the service, people i never knew, mothers of children at Southern Hills middle school that came by themselves and expressed their love and grief, and held me………to all of her sweet friends in Boulder and San Diego, relatives, friends, clients and veterinarians who came 1000s of miles just to stand by us  and remember my beautiful Ciannon .  I love you all.  To my most amazing family for truly unconditionally being there and giving…….. For grieving with me, for telling me your memories, for the unconditional love i felt from you.  I have never in my life experienced such wonderful giving people.  Ciannon would have loved the day, the amount of love that was so palpable.

Thank you for your emails……I am sorry if I  have not gotten back to you. Every one of your emails have helped me stay strong.

I love you all.  Please stay in touch.  Most of you know where I live or how to get in touch with me. My email will always be available and I hope if you  think about  Ciannon someday, even years from now,  that you will just post a comment on this page.   I will be posting comments and new pictures FOREVER.

My deepest love and thanks to you all


Ciannon’s mom.    ( [email protected])